SMBL was established in 2005 as form of Foreign Direct Investment corporation and it is located in My Dinh Song da, Hanoi, Vietnam. SMBL stands for Small-Medium Business Link. We specialize in providing various kinds of services for Small & Medium sized companies such as direct marketing, holding exhibitions and market research. Besides, we also deal with government bidding for military hightech telecommunication and aircraft fields.


SMBL helps small & medium sized Korean companies to settle down in Vietnam. Our staff is consisted of local experts and experienced legal consultants and we have built direct marketing infrastructure such as service & technology transfer and product sales. Based on our experience and expertise, we specialize in 6 major fields. We support export & import, local agency, market research, exhibition, training and bidding.

CEO Message

Crisis never leaves us and reappears constantly to confront us with a different face. Nowadays, it is not a choice but a prerogative for Korean and Vietnamese enterprises to expand their business abroad. However, new horizon markets, culture barriers pose challenges that aren’t easy to overcome.

SMBL will support you that bridge between your company and potential market. SMBL does not only rely on statistic information, but we also deliver success through real information; understanding the local culture. Led by Indochina Peninsula, the map of the world’s emerging markets is being reshaped. And we are constantly innovating to meet these emerging challenges. Together with you, we will research the optimum strategy and find a way as to how to maximize capabilities of enterprises into Indochina Peninsula.

We will be part of you.

We will be your partner to win.


Our services

Export & Import
  • Potential buyer research
  • Business matching
  • Trade delegation
Local Agency
  • Oversea business development
  • Lead sustain growth in international market
Market Research
  • Customized Market Research
  • Market trends and competitor analysiss
  • Interviews with key industry stakeholders
  • Planing & managing specialized exhibition
  • Bridge customer and potential buyer
  • B2B meeting
  • Customized training program
  • Connect with local expert
  • Strategic recommendations and planning
  • Project management