2018 Suwon City Trade Mission to Vietnam

shadow  2018 Suwon City Trade Mission to Vietnam

On the 4th of December,  2018 Suwon City Trade Mission to Vietnam was held with great supports from both Korean participants and Vietnamese buyers.


1. Event overview

- Date: 4th of December.

- Location:  29F, Athene Hall 2, Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel,  Vietnam

- Participants: 5 SMEs from Korea

- Purpose: Promoting the products of small & medium enterprises from Suwon government, aiming to accelerate the advancement of Korean SMEs into the Vietnamese market


2. Host Institute

  • Domestic: Suwon government

  • Overseas: SMBL (Hanoi, Vietnam)


3. Activities

  • 1 on 1 buyer meeting: On average, Korean participants had a deep consultation regarding the advancement of Korean companies in the Vietnamese market.

  • On average, KR companies had 5 meetings with Vietnam buyers.


4. 2018 Korea Trade Mission - Incheon City

  • Korean companies: 5 Small & Medium Enterprises from Korea 

    • 케이버 KAVER INC
      엔씨바이오 NC BIO INC
      모픽 MOPIC INC
      럭키텍 LUCKY TECH INC

5. Event Picture