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shadow 2017 YEAR-END PARTY

On 28th of December 2017, SMBL held the year-end party, celebrated the great achievements in 2017, encouraged the whole team to take one step further for the better 2018.

 In the first part of the ceremony, the general manager, Ms. Hang summarized the yearly achievements of SMBL along with the general plans for 2018.

In total, SMBL finished 76 projects in 2017, including

- 19 business matching projects

- 17 market research projects

- 12 consulting projects

- 7 seminar&exhibition projects

- 7 follow-up projects

- 6 buyer visiting projects

- 3 pre-direct sales

- 2 buyer searching projects

- 2 buyer-inviting projects to Korea

- 1 military project. 

 Altogether there were 27 Korean organizers, 351 Korean companies, 954 Vietnamese buyers and 20 Vietnamese governmental agencies and associations included in the above projects. 

 As for the plans, with the inauguration of CEO Mr Yoon as the president of the Korean Association in Hanoi, SMBL will focus on following two things:

- New business field: Sales & Distribution

- Build up global network in all across the Indochina. 


For the second part of the ceremony, "2017 BEST EMPLOYEE", those who contributed much to the company in 2017 were honored as award winner, and some suprising presents and certificate were given to those winners. 



Last but not least, SMBL's CEO Mr. Yoon put a fabulous end to the whole ceremony. He illustrated about the vision of SMBL with regard to marketing, distribution, PCO and agency aspect.