2016 Korea (Gyeongsangbuk-do) Trade Mission for Water Industry in Vietnam

shadow 2016 Korea (Gyeongsangbuk-do) Trade Mission for Water Industry in Vietnam

From April  to 25, during four days 2016 Korea(Gyeongsangbuk-do) Trade Mission for Water Industry in Vietnam was successfully finished.

1. Event Overview
Location: Hanoi, (Vietnam)
Schedule: 25 th ~ 28th of April 2016 
Dispatch Scale: 10 Water industry companies form Gyeongbuk-do, Korea
Date:  (Hanoi)26th of April 2016
Location: Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel 29F
Purpose: For entering Vietnam market Product exportation consultation between companies from Water industry company Gyeongbuk-do  and local buyers

2. Host Institute
– Domestic: Gyeongbuk Ecomomic Promotion Agency, Gyeongbuk-do.
– Overseas: SMBL COSCO MARKETING(Hanoi, Vietnam)

3. Activities
– Comprehensive Consultation: 1:1 Biz meeting between participating company and overseas buyer according to schedule
– Individual Consultation: Visiting to local company and individual consultation
– Special seminar related water industry about Vietnam provide by Water Supply and Sewerage Association

4. Event Participating companies
– Korean companies: 9 Small & Medium Business Companies specialized water industry.

기남금속 Kinam Metal Co., Ltd.
리테크 Letech Co., LTD.
미래산업 Mirae Industry Co., LTD.
세원이엔지 Sewon ENG Co., LTD.
종합맨홀스틸산업 Jonghap ManHoles Steel Co., LTD.
대진필터 Daejin Filter Co., LTD.
복주 Bok Ju Co., LTD.
우진건설 Woojin Construction INC.
(주)그린텍 GREEN TECH Co,.Ltd.

5. Event Pictures